Indian sub-continent has always kept poets and their poems on top.Mushaira was

going on and on stage when Shirshendu Bharadwaj was welcomed with huge applause.The Poet spoke the first verse “Ishq tanha,khuud hi guroor mein,khabar hai mujhe bekadar ki…usne siski li hai,siski li hai” The crowd got mesmerized by the first verse,and the hall echoed with claps.The poet already has huge followers for his space,entrepreneurship & Green Projects.He ended his part by“Ashiqui krta nhi khud koi,khuda krwata hai…Hass mat aie kaafir ashiqon par,bereham nigaaho ne bhi siski li hai”.The crowd gave him standing ovation,the youth icon has achieved a stardom in field of space,entrepreneurship although literature is his first love.


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